Blade Assault v1.29
  • 1.29

Blade Assault — is a cool 2D action platformer in which you’ll descend into an underground city and embark on a series of frantic battles against enemies in a variety of guises. The events of the game take place according to the plot in an apocalyptic world, in which many years have passed since the war of the so-called Red Stone. That war claimed many lives, but it also became the first step into a new world, in which there are already not only people, but also high technologies, and mutants, and creatures from which the hair stands on end. Well, you, in the role of the main character, will have to go down to the city called Esperanza, the last refuge of mankind underground, and try to punish all those who try to rule over ordinary people. You will play the role of a kind of hero that should change the world.

The game is updated 25-03-2023, 04:57, to the latest version 1.29.