Bloody Heaven 2 Build 14346071 (TENOKE RELEASE)
  • Build 14346071

In Bloody Heaven 2, you have to become the last hope of humanity in its fight against a powerful dark lord who threatens to destroy the world. Gather your team of heroes, each with unique abilities and characteristics, and embark on an epic journey through mysterious locations and dangerous traps. Immerse yourself in an uncompromising battle between light and darkness with Bloody Heaven 2, an exciting RPG from ShaneGame, released in 2024. This indie action-RPG is distinguished not only by an exciting story and incredible graphics, but also by a deep system of combat and character development that will keep you engrossed for dozens of hours. Level up your character by acquiring new skills and upgrading weapons to become a true warrior of light. But remember that every decision you make can have consequences that will affect the course of events and the end of the game.