Carnivores Dinosaur Hunt Build 9302423
  • FitGirl RePack
  • Build 9302423

Carnivores Dinosaur Hunt — is an immersive simulation and first-person shooter that invites players to go hunting. The prey are not wild animals like bears, wolves or migrating birds, but real dinosaurs. Arm yourself with advanced rifles and go to the location in search of a carelessly wandering ancient beast. Study the peculiarities of their behavior, learn to identify a predator by the traces left and become a professional hunter of giants. The developers of Carnivores Dinosaur Hunt have brought to the project a wide variety of mechanics that allow you to fully transport yourself into a colorful world and experience indescribable emotions from the process of passing. Players are offered a choice of several picturesque open-world locations that differ not only in wildlife and landscapes, but also in complexity.