Coral Island Build 12136307 + DLC
  • Build 12136307 + DLC

Coral Island is an adventure with RPG and construction elements in which you can take control of the inhabitants of a settlement located on a coral island. The user can create a protagonist by choosing gender, external features eye color, hairstyle, clothes, as well as a pet. It will be possible to set the desired name for the hero and the name of the farm. During the journey, it will be possible to perform all sorts of story missions, or to engage in free passage. The user can communicate with minor characters who will offer tasks to complete. For passing it will be possible to receive a useful reward. You can meet more than 50 heroes, each of which has a personal backstory. In addition, they treat the protagonist differently. Some of them will be happy to go to the dialogue, while others will be distrustful.

The game is updated 10-09-2023, 06:53, to the latest version Build 12136307 + DLC.