Corpse Keeper Build 2023.03.30
  • Build 2023.03.30

Corpse Keeper is a dark souls side-scroller. The game was developed by Melancholia Studio and published by Thermite Games. In Corpse Keeper we find ourselves in a dark fantasy universe. Our task is to create an army of undead warriors who will be able to resist the evil hiding in the cathedral. The matter is complicated by the fact that we have only fifteen days to complete the mission. In Death Cathedral (Corpse Keeper), the authors give us more than 40 characters that differ in appearance, profession and fighting style. Among them you can find a plague doctor, a tomb raider, a knight armed with a sword, an assassin or a bandit.

The game is updated 29-03-2023, 15:12, to the latest version Build 2023.03.30.