Goat Simulator 3 v1.0.1.2 + Online Fix
  • + Online Fix

Goat Simulator 3 — is a wild sequel to the eponymous series of explosive simulators with sandbox elements. Become a real goat and live the most intense life in the history of artiodactyls. Show the people living on the giant island of San Angora how to have fun, because you will have unlimited expanses for a breakaway at your disposal. Fly jetpacks, steal a car from careless drivers, skydive, and if you feel like relaxing, check out the yoga studio to take a breath and restore inner balance before blowing the building to the ground. The first part of the franchise came out back in 2014 and from the first days after the release formed a powerful fanbase around itself. Over the years, developers have been collecting feedback from players, analyzing the data received and working on the most ambitious project in the history of the Coffee Stain studio.

The game is updated 12-01-2023, 15:04, to the latest version + Online Fix.