Dragon Quest Treasures v1.0.1 (Digital Deluxe Edition) + Ryujinx/Yuzu Switch Emulators
  • 1.0.1 (Digital Deluxe Edition) + Ryujinx/Yuzu Switch Emulators

Dragon Quest Treasures is an action-adventure RPG with a detailed fantasy world and adorable protagonists. Eric and Mia have dreamed of traveling to distant worlds in search of long-lost treasures since childhood. Every evening they came up with crazy stories about their adventures, but one day their life changed dramatically. Porkus and Purrsul, who appeared out of nowhere, take the kids to the distant lands of Draconia, where they will have to make a dizzying journey and unravel all the secrets of a distant continent. The addictive gameplay is perfectly combined with the visual style, creating an original mix that will appeal to players of all ages.