DUCK Dangerous Ultimate Cartridge Kidnapper v1.0 + Update v20230217
  • 1.0 Build 10563509 + Update

DUCK Dangerous Ultimate Cartridge Kidnapper is a collection of 100 very different microgames lasting less than a minute. Cowboy dueling, building a house, sorting tomatoes, barrel rolling, sea battles, jungle adventures, the typical daily life of a mad scientist and much more. A group of ducklings find a mysterious 100-in-1 cartridge that turns out to be a trap for an evil spirit calling itself Duck. Now the ducklings must show all their gaming abilities, otherwise the villain will fulfill the curse and make them the characters of his games. Being two-dimensional and pixelated, constantly dying and being reborn is an unenviable fate. 15 categories of 5-10 microgames with three difficulty levels in each, as well as a separate category for boss games. Different styles of pixel graphics, many unique melodies and sounds.

The game is updated 1-05-2023, 10:41, to the latest version 1.0 Build 10563509 + Update.