Electrician Simulator - DOGE + Update v1.5
  • DOGE
  • Update v1.5

Electrician Simulator — create a variety of electrical installations as your intuition and ingenuity will tell you. You have to accept orders for electrical installation and equipment service from various customers. You yourself choose which order to take, evaluating its profitability and the price of the work. At your point of service there is everything you need for full-fledged work various types of wires, sockets and switches of all modifications, counters, seia under security and much more. Check carefully the work done for the presence of a short circuit. Remember to insulate wiring from moisture or install waterproof equipment. If everything is in place and ready in the best possible way, then rather call the client in order to hand over the work according to the estimate.

The game is updated 25-12-2022, 10:41, to the latest version Update v1.5.