Euro Truck Simulator 2 v1.49.2.23s + DLC
  • (Build 13370592) + DLC
Euro Truck Simulator 2 — many people like simulators that allow you to see real life and take advantage of unique technologies. The next simulator allows you to feel yourself as a trucker, because many people are tired of ordinary races. Recently, one of the best products for the simulation of truckers is the game Euro Truck Simulator 2 download free torrent using our website. If you compare the game with the first part, it’s interesting, better quality and complemented by a large amount of content. This brings players new simulation features. One of the main points is the graphics, which are complemented by new developments. Changed the mechanics of movements, and the plot is supplemented by a large number of new cargo vehicles. Many trucks are real prototypes, and this is a big plus in real-life simulation. A large number of cities, companies, warehouses and goods. Now players got a lot of opportunities for the development and formation of the game process.

The game is updated 7-02-2024, 06:12, to the latest version (Build 13370592) + DLC.

Euro Truck Simulator 2 Road to the Black Sea - CODEX + Update v1.38.1.0
Euro Truck Simulator 2 Road to the Black Sea — drivers will be able to expand their company and deliver goods to countries: Romania, known for the forest region of Transylvania and the adjacent Carpathian ridge, Bulgaria with its diverse relief and coastline of the Black Sea and Turkey, which is the gateway to the largest city in Europe, Istanbul.

The game is updated 21-07-2020, 04:09, to the latest version