Evacuation v1.25 Build 11393287
  • 1.25 Build 11393287

Evacuation — Enjoy to the fullest an unofficial add-on for the game Half-life 2. The plot of which revolves around a certain rebel. Our main character suffered a terrible crash in the middle of the forest and only miraculously survived. At the same time, terrible Combines attack the forest. Do you think you can escape from it. Immerse yourself in the exploration of beautiful forest landscapes. But be extremely careful! Indeed, despite the absence of natural predators, there are a lot of strange antlions, guards and even zombies around. So take a mosquito spray and a reliable shotgun with plenty of ammo just in case. In addition, along the way, solve a lot of puzzles, activate all kinds of mechanisms and, of course, explore the environment.

The game is updated 6-06-2023, 04:27, to the latest version 1.25 Build 11393287.