Forever Skies v1.4.2
  • 1.4.2 (Build 26097) Build 13410390

Immerse yourself in survival in Forever Skies, a first-person adventure set in an alternate future of Earth. Once the Earth became unsuitable for human life due to a man-made and environmental disaster, as a result of which the entire surface was covered with toxic dust. People left the planet and forgot about their home, but you, as one of the travelers, have now decided to descend to its surface and try to find out what happened on Earth and why its nature is angry with people. At your disposal will be a huge high-tech airship that will serve as both a base and a vehicle. On it you will travel on the surface of the Earth and move from location to location. Here you will find all the information that you need during the adventure. And as you progress through the game, you can also upgrade the airship, improve it, equip it with new devices.

The game is updated 12-02-2024, 04:35, to the latest version 1.4.2 (Build 26097) Build 13410390.