Drug Dealer Simulator v1.1.0.25 - CODEX + Uptown Kings
  • + Uptown Kings

Drug Dealer Simulator is a drug dealer simulator, a mixture of action and strategy, in which you have to play the role of a novice businessman who deals with everything that essentially rewrites the law. You never wanted to try yourself in something illegal. Well, now you have a full chance of it. Now you can try yourself in a big and dangerous business in drugs. You can try to do drugs, you can hire hucksters and gangsters who will protect you, you can go in for a full-fledged business that will provide your hero with everything you need, and earn as much money as you want. But remember, the path of a drug dealer, dealer, is not so simple, and moreover, it is mortally dangerous.

The game is updated 28-07-2023, 11:58, to the latest version + Uptown Kings.