Gas Station Simulator Build 9571315 - FLT + Party Time DLC
  • FLT
  • Build 9571315 + Party Time DLC

Recently profession simulators are gaining momentum in the gaming world. Gas Station Simulator — where you can fully manage a gas station. Your business is located in the desert along the highway. We are ready to start developing in this godforsaken place, offering high-quality refueling and repair services to casually wandering customers. Restore the former glory of an abandoned gas station, starting with small: getting rid of the elements of the old interior, tidying up the box of the room and giving it a decent appearance. Manage to save money on the purchase of everything necessary for customer service. Go on the money earned from the services, you can increase the attractiveness of the gas station, attracting new and new customers, providing them with additional services such as a shower, hot food and delicious coffee. Wealthy customers are spoiled for latte drinks while they wait for his Tesla to recharge.