Generation Zero v2528814 + all DLC
  • 2528814 Build 11184667 + all DLC

Swedish robots are the first to engage in a ruthless battle between people and iron monsters, where the winner will get everything — Generation Zero. A person is the creator of a small mechanism, and over time, the developed piece intelligence allows the machine to turn into a real killer. Interestingly, uncontrolled creatures are ready to break into any house, destroy the environment, and then hide in an unknown direction. In fact, everything is much more confusing and unpredictable. Tranquil hinterland, where others dreamed of fame and power today they receive in full. The invasion is inevitable, it was necessary to prepare for the test for decades until today.

The game is updated 25-05-2023, 17:31, to the latest version 2528814 Build 11184667 + all DLC.