God of War - FLT + Update v1.0.12 (1.0.475.7534)
  • FLT
  • 1.0.12 (1.0.475.7534)
The famous game God of War impresses with its entertainment and cruelty. Its setting is entirely based on Greek mythology. The Spartan warrior Kratos can hardly be called a positive hero. An aggressive, cruel and brutal character appreciates only strength and rudeness. He could tear off limbs or gouge out his eyes for personal pleasure. By order of Athena, he had to kill the god of war Ares. In addition, the main character goes in search of Pandoras box, which can give amazing power.

The game is updated 1-06-2022, 04:49, to the latest version 1.0.12 (1.0.475.7534).