Grandmasters Revenge Build 12955144 (TENOKE RELEASE)
  • Build 12955144

Grandmasters Revenge — black hordes rush to desecrate the remains of Whitehill and turn everything into a gloomy land, where there will be no place for bright colors and other values. Grandmaster Bohr does not agree with this, and he calls for the help of the residents of Whitehill epic lone heroes. These heroes have the stamina of elephants, one-hit death, regenerate like vampires, and take the form of defeated enemies as Mimics. Your role is to lead such heroes in battles and choose the best strategy to defeat the forces of the Horde. Turn-based tactical battles where hordes of enemies use different battle formations each time.

The game is updated 17-12-2023, 04:36, to the latest version Build 12955144.