Hearts of Iron 4 By Blood Alone v1.12.1 - FLT
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  • 1.12.1

Build a new empire, fend off foreign aggression, or explore the limits of neutrality in Hearts of Iron 4 By Blood Alone. This new expansion for Paradox Interactive’s WWII grand strategy war game adds new alternate history options and three-nation gameplay variety, among other major changes. Follow the historical path of Italy under Mussolini or rewrite history by restoring the monarchy, leading a communist revolution or replacing Mussolini with one of many new contenders. Defy the odds to defeat an Italian invader or confront a conqueror from abroad using unique government-in-exile abilities. Surrounded by France, Germany and Italy, the mountain nation of Switzerland finds strength in its neutrality, balancing rival factions and the initiatives of great powers. Demilitarize areas of the map or entire countries, bid on the great ships of defeated nations, or demand control of enemy resources or factories as compensation.

The game is updated 28-09-2022, 06:11, to the latest version 1.12.1.