Hearts of Iron 4 + Update v1.13.7 + All DLC
  • 1.13.6 + Update v1.13.7 + All DLC

Sea battles amaze with their scope and the amount of equipment involved. Control over the water space will make it possible to block the supply of weapons, thereby bringing closer the overall victory over the enemy. In the game Hearts of Iron 4 Man the Guns, you have to take on the role of admiral and lead the navy. At your disposal is a lot of ships with different characteristics: tonnage, weapons, speed. Combine high-speed vessels together and create several fleets for fast and unexpected attacks. Slow, but roomy ships will be needed for you to transfer ground troops and deliver fighters to the desired point.

The game is updated 9-02-2024, 13:51, to the latest version 1.13.6 + Update v1.13.7 + All DLC.