Humankind Cultures of Latin America + Update v1.0.15.2767
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Humankind Cultures of Latin America — caralan culture developed on the arid lands of the Pacific coast of South America in the early third millennium BC. Here they built a complex urban society in which complementary farmers and fishermen communities participated in the production of surplus food, which ensured the prosperity of Caralan. The Nazca took advantage of the opportunities offered by their environment to create a perennial culture in the early second century AD. Masters of ceramics and weaving, they have left incredible traces of their craft and mythology in their numerous tombs and in the land of the desert. The Taino were associated with the Arawak-speaking peoples and dominated the Greater Antilles between the 7th and 13th centuries. Endowed with great adaptability, they took advantage of a wide variety of biomes, thriving on land-based agriculture, relatively poor animals and plant diversity.

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