ICARUS (TENOKE RELEASE) + Update v2.1.19.119802
  • Update v2.1.19.119802

ICARUS — is a shareware online survival action adventure game about astronauts from the creator of DayZ. In the game you will go to conquer an unknown planet, which is fraught with many secrets and dangers. The action will unfold mainly on the life-threatening planet Icarus. This is where a group of Prospectors goes in search of valuable resources. After collecting resources, the characters will have to return to the orbital station. In addition, the game will have two technology trees: one on the planet and the other in orbit. The time you can spend on Icarus will be extremely limited, and therefore you will have to act as quickly as possible. The game is positioned as a survival simulator with an emphasis on PvE for a company of up to eight people inclusive, but it can also be played alone.

The game is updated Today, 05:13, to the latest version Update v2.1.19.119802.