Isonzo v452.46712 + DLC
  • 452.46712 + 10 DLC + DLC Unlocker

Isonzo — is a first-person tactical shooter set in a World War I setting. Against the background of other projects with such a setting, this title stands out as a place of action. This video game is dedicated to the Italian front. You can fight on the side of Austria-Hungary or the Kingdom of Italy. One of the features of the indie project is the reliability and authenticity. The developers tried to accurately transfer weapons, terrain, uniforms of soldiers and other elements that affect immersion into the atmosphere into their creation. Materials for creating such content were obtained from tours of the places of military events and research from historians.

The game is updated 11-09-2023, 10:06, to the latest version 452.46712 + 10 DLC + DLC Unlocker.