Keep Me Posted Build 9878329 (Pre-Installed)
  • Build 9878329 upd.12.11.2022

Keep Me Posted is a cozy adventure game filled with warm friends and even cuter enemies. Explore the Cardigan Forest and help a good friend through hard times as the safety of your home hangs in the balance. Play as a mouse in a world mixed with warm and fuzzy, as well as strange and supernatural objects. Your job as the postmaster is to ensure that everyone in the forest gets their mail delivered on time and according to schedule, even if you have to fight for it. Fight enemies with stamps. Use stamps to weaken your enemies, break the flow of battle and watch them explode. Explore the forest with an interactive soundscape. Everyone trusts you, so don’t let them down. Scary problems and only you can solve them. Eat grandma’s cookies, put on your trusty messenger bag and get comfortable, you have to get people’s words to the right place.