KeeperRL Alpha 36 Hotfix 14
  • Alpha 36 Hotfix 14

KeeperRL — is a very atmospheric dungeon simulator in which you have to go to the bowels of the earth and try to build your own dark empire, kingdom. The plot of the game revolves around the underworld and the dark forces, which you actually have to control. You will play the role of an evil powerful sorcerer who was sent to the dungeons and now has to build his own empire there. There you will have to build an empire, gather an army of henchmen, and eventually get out and arrange a real Hell for people. But it will not be soon at first you will have to work hard. The gameplay here is quite interesting precisely due to its richness. A whole bunch of tasks and tasks await you in the dungeon. You will build dungeons, dig the ground, create rooms, halls, corridors and more, train your army of minions.

The game is updated 16-08-2023, 15:09, to the latest version Alpha 36 Hotfix 14.