Kingdoms Reborn v0.220
  • 0.220

Strategy in the setting of the Middle Ages — Kingdoms Reborn. Only one author was involved in the development of this project, who stated that when creating the game he was inspired by a series of strategies from Ubisoft, Anno. In Kingdoms Reborn, each new match will be unique, as the map is formed procedurally. You will have access to several different biomes, a bunch of buildings, different units, and so on. The project also includes some elements of survival, which are revealed in the middle stages. More than enough obstacles on the way, also betrayal and conspiracy will not do without, so always be on the alert. There are also many enemies, and each of them is ready to go to any lengths to destroy you, which you should not allow them, building the most powerful.

The game is updated 28-02-2024, 16:39, to the latest version 0.220.