Last Kids on Earth Hit the Deck v1.1.19
  • 1.1.19

Last Kids on Earth Hit the Deck — The current state is cuckoo bananas in the world. Zombies and giant monsters have taken over the city of Wakefield and possibly the rest of the world. Jack Sullivan, post-apocalyptic action hero and abandoned foster child, and his friends June, Quint and Dirk are the last children on Earth. They live in a fancy tree fortress and are forced to fight for survival during a monster and zombie apocalypse. Help Jack and his squad of survivors fend off hordes of drooling zombies and strange monsters from another dimension and achieve feats of apocalyptic success in the first episode of the Last Kids on Earth battle card series.

The game is updated 19-03-2023, 05:02, to the latest version 1.1.19.