LEGO Builders Journey v3.0.3
  • FLT
  • Creative Mode Update v3.0.3

LEGO Builders Journey — is Light Brick Studio’s debut puzzle game set in a world of popular Danish bricks. The game was originally released only on iOS, but later received a PC version as well. In the game, we play as an unnamed hero who goes on a journey with his parent. While traveling, he learns creativity and how to build various structures. After a while, as a result of an unfortunate coincidence, the hero is separated from his parent. Our task is to reunite the family. The story contains no dialogue and is presented in a minimalistic way, mainly through character animation. Builders Journey is an isometric puzzle game in which we have to overcome obstacles by placing blocks correctly.

The game is updated 17-03-2023, 16:47, to the latest version Creative Mode Update v3.0.3.