Life of Delta Build 10738476 - SKIDROW
  • Build 10738476

Life of Delta the protagonist embarks on a journey through a world where the apocalypse has taken place. The game universe is inhabited by unusually bright characters. Also in it the main character expects exciting puzzles. The user controls a kind robot. The events take place after the Great War. This large-scale conflict destroyed almost all of humanity. Those who survived were transformed into anthropomorphic lizards after exposure to a huge dose of radiation. In addition to people in Life of Delta, small androids survived. But over time, they began to deteriorate. The robot, whose name is Delta, is a service-type bot. Like other characters, he just wants to survive in a harsh world. And the robot has lost his true friend. Now he simply must go on a journey to find him. Despite the fact that the robot is small, it is very smart and savvy.