Mad Games Tycoon 2 v2024.04.10
  • 2024.04.10

Mad Games Tycoon 2 — is the sequel to the economic strategy simulation game Mad Games Tycoon, where you have to manage a video game development studio. Plan the office space of the studio, choose what projects to do from the setting to the inclusion of various functions in the titles, monitor the well-being of the employees, as well as their comfort. Always dreamed of becoming a video game developer, but don’t know how to proceed. Mad Games Tycoon will allow you to practice in virtual reality before moving on to decisive action. This tycoon, or business strategy, lets you start building software and games right in your own garage. Guess the mood of gamers and release hits, expand and grow, hire workers and acquire offices and so on, until you become the greatest developer on the planet.

The game is updated 10-04-2024, 13:20, to the latest version 2024.04.10.