Moonshine Inc - FLT + Update v1.0.5
  • FLT
  • Update v1.0.5

Moonshine Inc — an unusual economic simulator with role-playing elements and an isometric view of the camera. In the game, you will become the head of your own moonshine empire. As you progress, you will pump your character, hire workers and try to avoid the police with federal agents. And remember if you can’t solve it with money, you can solve it with moonshine. Play the role of a moonshiner in debt to the mafia by starting to play a game called Moonshine Inc., and try to create a real moonshine empire, clandestinely producing hundreds of liters of hot liquor, developing, earning money, paying off debts, and selling fun potion to people.

The game is updated 3-02-2023, 05:35, to the latest version Update v1.0.5.