Mortal Glory v1.8
  • 1.8

Mortal Glory — is a fantasy adventure roguelike with an admixture of strategy, a game in which you will have to participate in fantasy gladiator battles, collecting a team of unique warriors. The game takes place in an unusual fantasy world in which monsters and various mythical creatures have long coexisted with each other. But this is not the point. The main thing is that in this world gladiatorial battles are constantly held, in which everyone is given the right to assemble their own squad of heroes and show what they are capable of. But there are not so many real heroes. In general, take your main character, gather a squad of mighty warriors, and go to a series of battles, prove that you are worthy of fame and money. But remember, here every step you take can be fatal or even fatal.

The game is updated 6-03-2023, 19:20, to the latest version 1.8.