Oxide Room 104 v1.0.5
  • 1.0.5

Oxide Room 104 — is a soul-chilling single horror game that combines gameplay and action in a quest room set in an old motel. Kidnapped in the power of a ruthless scientist and haunted by a horrible creature, you must try to escape, guided by common sense, as in real life. It all starts when you wake up in the bathroom of the motel, naked, injured and unaware of what happened. You remember the deal fell through, but now the only thing that matters is trying to escape from this horrible place no matter what. From now on, everything you do will lead to one of the extremities. And we warn you that there is only one good way out of all the ways this can end.

The game is updated 2-03-2023, 07:33, to the latest version 1.0.5.