Phoenix Point Kaos Engines - FLT + Update v1.14.4
  • FLT
  • 1.14.4
Embark on a wild journey with DLC 5 Phoenix Point Kaos Engines. In this download vehicle add-on, a brand new Kaos Buggy is waiting for you, as well as many customization options for all your existing vehicles. Also, try Kaos Tech is new and unpredictable weapon great power, but also great risk. Of course, DLC 5 also includes new missions, new research and a whole new market for equipment and technology.

The game is updated 5-06-2022, 03:31, to the latest version 1.14.4.

Phoenix Point Corrupted Horizons - CODEX + Update v1.13.2
  • 1.13.2
Phoenix Point Corrupted Horizons — will allow the player to hone their own skills, try to get pretty close and accurately on the enemy, so that in the end result they completely destroy the enemy without the possibility of rebirth. Interestingly, each new card is faced with grandiose discoveries, allows you to act radically and confidently, which means people are ready to break into reality thanks to the killings. Having managed to get exactly into the enemy, he forever loses some abilities, turns into a competitor, but can no longer present anything in the direction of gifts. If you get into a certain part of the body or organ, you easily knock out all the forces from the enemy, turn him into meat, after which he is forced to surrender. Do not think about your own destiny, because you need to live with one breath, since tomorrow may not come.

The game is updated 21-11-2021, 05:34, to the latest version 1.13.2.