PixARK v1.192 + DLC + Multiplayer
  • 1.192 ( + DLC + Multiplayer

The simulator of the construction of objects, buildings, characters, creatures, maps and everything else that a person can think of PixARK is made in the style of the famous Minecraft, but the game has a good plot, which is revealed differently for each player. The world of wild nature includes more than 100 different creatures that we can clone, tame and use for our own purposes. Among them will be friendly jungle dwellers, as well as aggressive representatives of the game world. Mysterious lands, made in the form of cubes, are destroyed and built every minute. Build a house in the ground or build an entire castle from available resources. The mines, which contain rare resources, were not spared.

The game is updated Yesterday, 13:21, to the latest version 1.192 ( + DLC + Multiplayer.