Gone Rogue v1.1 Build 11126352 (Pre-Installed)
  • 1.1 Build 11126352 (Pre-Installed)

Gone Rogue is a fun heist simulator and immersive adventure that will allow all fans of tactical gameplay to put all their stealth skills to the test. In this game, the participants will play the role of a thief from the slums. The main weapon that you need to use is only your skillful fingers, quick wits, attentiveness and ability to plan. And the main goal is to resist the will of the faction. The hero will need to hide, and the shadows will be able to sneak past opponents unnoticed, break open various closed doors in search of money and jewelry.

The game is updated 1-05-2023, 10:23, to the latest version 1.1 Build 11126352 (Pre-Installed).