Ready or Not (RUNE RELEASE) + Update v41630
  • RUNE
  • Update v41630

Ready or Not is a tactical shooter that positions itself as a special forces stimulator. The project is designed for fans of SWAT 4. The creators tried to focus on realism and cruelty. The game has single player, co-op and PvP. The main gameplay consists of conducting a special operation within the campaign or individual missions. Before you begin, you need to listen to the briefing, study the map of the building, decide on points for the assault and select equipment. It has weight, slows down characters, and can have a decisive impact on the outcome of the mission. There is variability in Ready or Not. These types of FPS encourage the elimination of enemies with non-lethal weapons.

The game is updated 12-02-2024, 06:02, to the latest version Update v41630.