Rogue Spirit v0.99 - FLT
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  • 0.99 Build 10330453

Rogue Spirit — takes us on a journey to the fantastic kingdom of Midra, inspired by the Far East. Centuries ago, this land was invaded by Chaos the lord of demons. The invasion ended unsuccessfully for him, as the demon king was defeated by the prince of Midra and imprisoned. After many centuries, the dark invader managed to free himself and again tried to conquer Midra. However, this time he radically suppressed almost all resistance and absorbed into his army all who were brave enough to resist him. Fortunately, all is not lost, as a group of monks decided to perform a ritual and summon the spirit of their greatest hero in Midra in order to once again try to resist Chaos.

The game is updated 7-03-2023, 12:12, to the latest version 0.99 Build 10330453.