Saturnalia Build 12653799 - TENOKE
  • Build 12653799

Saturnalia is a third-person action-adventure horror game with survival elements. In the game, you will explore a gloomy village where ancient rituals are performed. Every time after the death of all the characters, the streets and roads will change their location. You will need to find a way out of the deadly maze and try to survive. Epic has opened a new round of distributions with games with singles. A little hinted at the upcoming Halloween, a little revived the old classics. Tactical turn-based strategy Mechanicus has been one of the best games in the setting until recently, also thanks to the quality work of the scriptwriters. The game has received major updates several times and is actively supported by the developers. But Saturnalia is a roguelite horror from an independent studio engaged in various experimental projects. This time she decided to try rotoscoping graphics.

The game is updated 10-11-2023, 05:44, to the latest version Build 12653799.