Sifu v1.27.6.703 + DLC
  • P2P
  • Build 13457677 + DLC

Sifu is an exciting beatem up game. The hero lost his family, which was killed by cruel assassins. You need to find and destroy the soulless killers. This game is able to give a lot of positive emotions and pleasure from the gameplay. Each player will be able to relax after a hard day’s work and cheer himself up by immersing himself in an exciting gameplay. A game in this style stands out among modern shooters and arcades. You will have to go on a unique adventure through uncharted locations to find offenders. Thanks to the dynamic and unique gameplay, each player will be able to remember the game for a long time. You have to overcome a lot of obstacles and enjoy unexpected turns of events.

The game is updated 21-02-2024, 08:15, to the latest version Build 13457677 + DLC.