Songs of Conquest v0.79.8
  • 0.79.8

Songs of Conquest — a fantasy strategy with turn-based battles in which you have to go on a journey through the colorful world, fight with numerous opponents, and complete dozens of challenging tasks. Unfortunately, not much is known about the plot at the moment, but it has already been reported that there will be four factions in the local game world for which you can play. These are the Doneria faction, relying on the firearms and mercenaries in the wars, the Barony of Lot, living between the world of the living and the dead, and drawing strength from both sides, the Rana faction, which mostly includes zaboliudi, and Arleon, the faction of the squires and brave knights.

The game is updated 25-11-2022, 03:06, to the latest version 0.79.8.