Sons of the Forest v49076
  • 49076 Build 14333352

Sons Of The Forest — Here is another Survival Horror that continues the events of Forest and is called Sons of the Forest. Another batch of adventures awaits you, survival, a sea of new enemies. The events of the game take place in the same world that was in the previous game, but only now the plot will be centered on a soldier sent here on a special mission. True, according to the plot, a mutant attacked the helicopter of the protagonist and as a result the helicopter crashed. Well, now you, as the main character, will have to immerse yourself in a series of new adventures in which you will need to survive, explore the area, do a bunch of tasks, and more. In other words, the new adventure promises to be no less interesting.

The game is updated 14-05-2024, 05:26, to the latest version 49076 Build 14333352.