Supraland Six Inches Under - CODEX + Update Build 8763855 (1.1.6072)
  • Build 8763855 (1.1.6072)
Embark on a journey through the vast partially open world of the game Supraland Six Inches Under, go down to the most dangerous locations under the ground, dig down, get resources and numerous items, solve puzzles and explore everything around you. This world is the hardest to survive. a variety of enemies, numerous obstacles, dangers that await at every step, will interfere with you every now and then, and you will need to learn how to cope with all this. As you progress through the game, you will find yourself in a world inspired by the Metroidvania genre and offering a lot of interesting things. For the most part, the gameplay is focused on exploring the world around us, according to the developers, exploration takes up more than half of the game time.

The game is updated 21-05-2022, 03:58, to the latest version Build 8763855 (1.1.6072).