Suspects Mystery Mansion v2.1.0-w + Multiplayer
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  • 2.1.0-w + Multiplayer

Suspects Mystery Mansion — is another variation of the Among Us-style mafia, but with a much stronger emphasis on social interaction and a huge variety of modes. Become a detective who is trying to figure out the killer, or find yourself in the role of a criminal who is trying in every way to deflect suspicion from himself. The game meets you with a classic detective plot a group of animals unknown to each other gather in a luxurious mansion, where a murder takes place completely unexpectedly. Now your task is to find the villain, or completely transfer suspicion to another. Found evidence and want to discuss it with the rest of the guests. Are you in the role of an assassin and want to deceive others and protect yourself? Communication will be the key to your team’s success at the Mansion.

The game is updated 25-05-2023, 17:48, to the latest version 2.1.0-w + Multiplayer.