Sword of the Necromancer v2.4b
  • 2.4b Build 11638278

Sword of the Necromancer — is a dungeon enriched with roguelike elements. The game was developed by the independent studio Grimorio of Games. Sword of the Necromancer takes us to a fantasy world. The protagonist of the game is a warrior named Tama, who has lost his beloved, Coco. The main character decides to go deep into the dark dungeons in order to kill the sinister necromancer and, with the help of the power obtained in this way, bring his beloved back to life. The action in game is shown from a bird’s eye view. We explore procedurally generated dungeons and engage in dynamic battles in addition to standard opponents, we also have to face powerful bosses.

The game is updated 24-08-2023, 09:17, to the latest version 2.4b Build 11638278.