The Land Beneath Us Build 14340907 (TENOKE RELEASE)
  • Build 14340907

The Land Beneath Us puts you in the role of a hero who doesn’t just go to the basement for milk, but saves the whole world. Developers from FairPlay Studios give us classics of the rogue-lite genre with a seasoning of fresh ideas. The game invites you to fight the Seven Lords, save the Creator and obtain vital Soul-Tech technologies. If you thought this was going to be an easy walk in the park, think again! Here every step could be the last, and only the most savvy will be able to reach the end. Unique weapons and combos? No problem! You’ll have to not just level up your character, but strategically approach each battle, like chopping wood before winter. And yes, I forgot to mention, you have to save the Creator. Sounds like a mission for a real superhero, doesn’t it?