The Pioneers Surviving Desolation v0.41
  • 0.41

The Pioneers Surviving Desolation — will you be able to survive in this rather inhospitable place. In addition, all this you have to do in the depths of endless space. Get busy building a space station, take charge of the crew, and simply explore Io, Jupiter’s inner moon. The year is 2084. It’s time to go into history. You will be responsible for Io-1, which is presented as the first manned space mission. Do you think you can cope with such harsh conditions. After all, here you will find many obstacles, ranging from extreme temperatures to magnetic storms. Try to return your own space station as efficiently as possible and at the same time overcome the enemy environment. And, don’t worry, because all your team members will be well prepared! Want to play an innovative space simulator.

The game is updated 17-09-2023, 15:38, to the latest version 0.41.