White Lady Build 9006509 - DARKSiDERS
  • Build 9006509
White Lady— is a standalone role-playing game in 3D format, developed by the bankrupt studio DuanQiaoCanXue. This game uses full combat mode in real time, and the combat experience is free and refreshing. The game depicts the legend of the White Snake, one of China’s four main love myths and legends, in a realistic and aesthetic style, and uses the popular Legend of the New White Lady series as a storyline to give players a new gaming experience and great storytelling. marriage, once in a thousand years. 1700 years ago, a shepherd boy saved a white snake from a snake hunter. To repay the kindness for saving lives, the White Serpent, after 1700 years of cultivation, became a human form and became a beautiful woman Bai Suzhen.