HumanitZ Build 12211570
  • Build 12211570

HumanitZ, a post-apocalyptic game, takes gamers into a scary setting where they take on the role of a human survivor trying to secure the future of humanity. In this grim setting, a devastating zombie outbreak has destroyed civilization, leaving hordes of mindless flesh-eaters known as zeeks to reign supreme. The gambling addict finds himself on the verge of human extinction, and he is faced with the difficult task of survival in a hostile and unforgiving environment. The game’s plot takes place in a setting where the very concept of society has collapsed, and the remaining people are forced to confront the unrelenting threat posed by the Zekes, as well as other hostile survivors. To survive this difficult challenge, users must quickly adapt, relying on their wits and resourcefulness to obtain essential supplies scattered across the desert landscape. One of the central elements of the title is crafting, which becomes a salvation for players.