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Braves Rage Build 10452352
  • Build 10452352

Braves Rage game allows the user to immerse themselves in a world of adventure and epic battles. The action takes place in a fantasy universe where chivalry and duty are not empty words. First of all, you need to choose a character on whose behalf the campaign will take place. Here are eight warriors, each of which has characteristics and abilities. For example, Sancho Defender represents offensive power, Tracy Ranger suggests speed of action and decision making. Battles take place using available cards. Each fighter has a set of cards that are ready to use. There is almost no time for reflection. You should react immediately.

Sailing Era Build 10444107
  • Build 10444107

Sailing Era — every voyage is a journey under sail and beyond. Manage your fleet and sail for fun do business arrange romantic meetings in a tavern capture pirates in intense combat explore the hinterland in search of treasures. Get to know a foreign culture, make new discoveries and set sail. The story takes place during the era of great geographical discoveries in the 15th-17th centuries. The world is connected by sea routes, leading to a surge in ocean exploration. Every young navigator of this era dreams of owning a ship to sail freely on the ocean. Some seek to change their fate, others hope to go down in history. Real-scale map and highly detailed recreation of the ocean, land, monsoon currents and weather changes create a vast marine world. Face sudden weather changes, unpredictable winds, sunken treasures, pirate attacks and alluring dangers. Experience an exciting journey across the ocean.

The game is updated Today, 08:06, to the latest version Build 10444107.

Crusader Kings 3 Friends and Foes + Update v1.8.1
  • FLT
  • Update v1.8.1

Crusader Kings 3 Friends and Foes — in the new event package, you will find more than a hundred new unique experiences from a medieval drama that transcends life. From rival noble houses harboring lifelong grudges, to childish bullies, summertime hobbies and pampering spouses with lavish gifts. The daily life of your ruler has never been more intense and exciting than in Crusader Kings 3 Friends and Foes. The daily life of your ruler is filled with many new events. Experience over a hundred player-driven stories of childhood, memories, enemies, naughty sons arguing, or courting your significant other with luxurious attention.

The game is updated Today, 13:55, to the latest version Update v1.8.1.

Black Geyser Couriers of Darkness - DOGE + Update v1.2.50
  • DOGE
  • 1.2.50

Black Geyser Couriers of Darkness — is a classic party RPG game with an isometric camera view in a fantasy setting. The world of Ismerald was struck by the curse of the goddess Zornilsa, who is known for her greed. Receiving loot, offering in temples or stealing increases her powers, distorting the reality of the world around her. As a result, the townspeople start to go crazy for the sake of profit, and sellers greatly inflate prices. You have to confront the greedy goddess and free the world from the insidious evil of Zornilsa.

The game is updated Today, 13:51, to the latest version 1.2.50.

Lost Eidolons v1.5.00 (Pre-Installed)
  • 1.5.00 (Pre-Installed)

Lost Eidolons is a turn-based tactical RPG game that takes you into the vast world of Artemesia, where you will have to fight for the honor of the people, and take on the task of overthrowing the invader-emperor, an impostor who should not have risen to power. The plot revolves around a certain mercenary who lived quietly in a town called Lonetta until he fell. An impostor and invader has come to power in the empire, and now the main character has no choice but to go on a series of adventures and try to return the empire before it’s too late. Embark on a journey, survive and fight enemies, gather a squad of companions and try to restore the empire to its former glory.

The game is updated Today, 05:03, to the latest version 1.5.00 (Pre-Installed).

Love n War Hero by Chance 2 v1.1.3
  • 1.1.3 Build 10451516

In Love n War Hero by Chance 2, events will unfold in a fictional universe that is full of a variety of features and features. Here you have to plunge into the world of constant battles and battles, confrontations that will keep you in suspense until the very end. You need to make smart decisions, always think ahead about the future and act together with your units. The force against which the protagonist opposes is indeed great. But everything possible must be done to put an end to it and forever forget what wars and devastation are. It is necessary to plunge into a very confusing, tense turn of events, which the gamer will directly influence with his actions and decisions.

The Witcher 3 Wild Hunt Complete Edition v4.01 + DLC
  • GOG
  • 4.01 + DLC

The legendary third-person slasher series — The Witcher 3 Wild Hunt Complete Edition, tells the story of Geralt of Rivia, who becomes one of the few characters in the central series of action-packed books. We start the game by remembering the events of the second part. But let’s not talk about them. Our hero is a born killer, capable of killing and ending the life of thieves, criminals, murderers, kings, leaders, generals and monsters that inhabit the entire map. The gameplay in The Witcher 3 Wild Hunt was greatly changed from the second part, and we will also play a little for Ciri, the heroine of the new part. At this moment, the main aspects of control are closed for us, but we can teleport.

The game is updated Today, 13:46, to the latest version 4.01 + DLC.

Roadwarden v1.0.85
  • 1.0.85

Roadwarden — incredibly detailed text RPG, where you are invited to go to the vastness of an amazing kingdom that hides many secrets and mysteries. In Roadwarden you have to uncover the secret of a mysterious desert that claimed the lives of many inexperienced wanderers. Get ready to face the true masters of this place, help local merchants, complete tasks and enjoy well-written dialogues. Your adventure is just beginning. You are a road warden, a brave stranger who puts his life in danger to change the world for the better in a dark fantasy world. While most people will never venture into the wilderness of the country on their own, you willingly agree to fight. You guard travelers, connect isolated villages, support merchants, and repel attacking creatures, bandits or even undead.

The game is updated Today, 11:04, to the latest version 1.0.85.

Wartales v1.21862
  • 1.21862 Build 10358591

Wartales — is a turn-based, open-world, medieval-style adventure game in which users lead a group of mercenaries to seek wealth and become famous. The main events take place 100 years later, after a terrible plague that destroyed the great Empire of Edoran. This brought chaos among humanity, the number of murderers increased, who robbed everything and everyone in their path and killed. Players will play the role of the main character of the leader, one of these gangs and will travel to different cities and engage in robbery. You have to join a group of evil heroes, and engage in illegal activities where robbery, battles, greed and death will be your allies in life, in this hostile world.

The game is updated Today, 11:17, to the latest version 1.21862 Build 10358591.

Gedonia Build 10452863
  • Build 10452863

Gedonia is a classic old-school role-playing game with a wonderful open world to explore. Develop and improve your character, battle dangerous enemies and, of course, reveal the secrets of the magical world. A huge game world with secret back streets welcomes you, a wanderer who has left his native village and set off on an adventure. Different fractions are available to you, each with its own characters, talents, skills, stories and tasks that you can join. But be careful around amazing events occur, and something bad and terrible is trying to penetrate the magical world.

The game is updated Today, 11:15, to the latest version Build 10452863.

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The novelties of RPGs are characterized by stunning detailing and a very high level of realism, which allows the maximum to convey precisely the era in which events occur in the game. Here life goes strictly according to certain laws, but often it is the players themselves who can create them. In this case, the gameplay can be incredibly diverse, ranging from shredding enemies into the cabbage right and left, as in Diablo and ending with serious diplomatic negotiations and balancing between different factions, as in Fallout.

As a rule, in a role-playing game you get under the control of one (less often several) character with certain characteristics and skills. During the game, these skills can be improved by spending on this experience points, as well as using various items: weapons, equipment, and so on. In order to win in such a game, you need to exactly perform all the tasks that are issued to your character or defeat the final opponent. Here you can find the best RPG games and choose the one that you like the most.