How to Update the game

Almost every game that we have on the site Skidrow Codex receives regular Update’s. Updates are needed to improve game files, fix bugs. There are two types of game updates: the first is to update all game files and replace the game completely with a new one. The second way is to add separate update files to an already existing and installed version of the game. Unfortunately, developers do not always provide separate update files for a more comfortable process of fixing the game, therefore sometimes the games on our site are completely updated and you need to download and install them again.

How to download updates and update the game

  1. To begin with, you must have the game of the version specified in the instructions installed.

    How to Update the game
  2. Carefully study the instructions, it indicates the order in which the update files are installed. If several updates are indicated in the instructions, then they must all be downloaded and installed in the order in which they are indicated.

    How to Update the game
  3. Update files are placed with separate links to file hosting. Find the link to the update files for the game (located at the bottom of the page, next to the link to the main game).
  4. Click the link and go to the file repository (there may be many different ones) where you can download the update.
  5. There are many file repositories, you need to find the «download» button and click on it, then save the update files for the game to the hard drive.
  6. After downloading all the update files, you need to unpack and install in the game folder.
  7. If the unpacked folder contains, in addition to the «Updates» folder, another one, all the contents of another folder, we also drag it into the game folder.

You can watch video-tutorial How to Update the game

Below is a video that contains basic instructions and clearly shows how to update almost any game.